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How to test a link?

Tracey lets you test links and check offers in few seconds. It's the best free solution to stop tracking links that are not working and save your traffic.

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Tracey checks if your offers are working: stop wasting traffic on broken links. Track every redirect and discover where goes.

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Testing offers is useful to optimize traffic and raise revenues. Are you pushing on broken offers? It's time to ask Tracey to test links for you.

How to test a mobile offer link

A free link tester for mobile offers

Take a glance to Tracey's main features:

Meet new business partners

Track redirects and discover new partners in the chain. Tracey is made to help your business as best as she can.

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Expand your network and discover the best offers in the market. Compare payouts and take new opportunities of monetization.

Link tester Tracey
Track redirects of links

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